Gernot Götz’s law firm places much emphasis on digital dictation and uses the new SpeechLive Transcription service by Philips.

Götz’s firm based in Spittal an der Drau in Austria is successful in dealing with matters concerning a variety of private and corporate customers in the region.

With regard to legal fields, the firm is positioned well but nevertheless specializes in the areas of law dealing with marriage and family, compensation and warranty, sports and skiing, traffic, accidental damage, insolvency, property, and criminal law.

“In our firm, digital dictation is one of the primary methods of working. We use it for file notes, letters, briefs, e-mails and much more. Dictation is firmly anchored in our working culture and contributes considerably to our productivity,” says Mr Götz, the company owner, proudly.

The solution

There are three people in the firm who use dictation: Gernot Götz himself and two articled clerks. The company also has five transcriptionists and the company has been using digital dictation for six years now.

Traditional dictation workflow is the predominant method of working. After completing a piece of dictation, the audio file is uploaded into the Philips software SpeechExec Pro ready for a transcriptionist to produce the document.

“Some transcriptionists are allocated to specific people or subject areas in our firm as special knowledge is often required for producing documents. For example, I deal mainly with insolvency cases and have my own dedicated transcriptionist to deal with this work. At the beginning of the dictation, customer number, file and area are logged to ensure the work is allocated correctly,” says Mr Götz.

“I use the new Pocket Memo 8200 by Philips as an input device and I personally am very satisfied with it. The feel of the device is excellent and the quality is noticeable. Also, the settings on the device that I need on a daily basis are easy to configure,” the lawyer explains.

The facts


Gernot Götz, Lawyer

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K. u. M. Jud GmbH

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The solution

Philips Pocket Memo voice recorder

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Philips professional transcription set

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Philips SpeechLive cloud dictation solution with SpeechScribe transcription service

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This service is ideal for legal documents. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it all happened. My dictated text was in my mail inbox the very next day."

Gernot Götz

Transcription service

The new transcription service from Philips has now been extensively tested allowing the use of out-of-house transcriptionists to draw up documents. This service is offered within SpeechLive, the cloud dictation solution. The dictated material is uploaded in the cloud and the written text is returned by email.

“This service is ideal for long legal documents. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it all happened. My dictated text was in my mail inbox the very next day. I can easily imagine using this service in my company when there is a lot of work or when staff are on holiday. I can also see the transcription service working well for a one-person company as well,” says the company owner enthusiastically.

“It is amazing, how quickly the people using dictation became accustomed to the new transcription service from Philips. With SpeechLive everything is very intuitive and easy for the user to manage and, above all, it was easy to operate,” adds Gernot Jud, CEO of K. u. M. Jud GmbH, certified sales partner for Philips dictation solutions in Carinthia.

Stable and expandable solution

“The solution that Mr Götz integrated in his office is distinguished by being very stable and easy to expand. With its good foundation, the solution can be easily expanded using the SpeechLive cloud dictation solution and its services. And this will allow us to manage any peaks in our workload and busy times in the office very well,” explains Gernot Jud.

Also, with the SpeechLive cloud dictation solution you can access your dictations at any time and from anywhere via a web browser or smartphone app. In this connection, maximum levels of security and reliability are always guaranteed. SpeechLive can be integrated seamlessly into existing SpeechExec software installations and function with all Philips input devices.

“It is simply a good feeling to know that we have a dictation solution in our own company that we can expand simply and quickly in order to be ready for any future challenges. Our Philips sales partner in Carinthia has worked alongside us for a long time now and always offers excellent dictation solutions tailored to our requirements,” concludes Mr Götz.

More satisfied customers

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    Per Fridén
    Advokatfirman NORDIA, Scandinavia
  • "My brain doesn’t shut down, when I leave the office at five o’clock. Now, I simply dictate everything into my phone and press ‘send’ – and then it’s done!"

    Mads Poulsen
    JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER Advokater, Denmark
  • "SpeechLive transcription service couldn’t be easier to use. Because it’s a cloud-based service it offers me the flexibility to send recordings for transcription from my office, home, or while I’m traveling."

    Ashish Duvadie
    Duvadie Barrister and Solicitor, Ottawa, Canada
  • "The combination of the voice recorder, smartphone and cloud-based workflow is for us the key feature of the Philips solution."

    David Bowers
    Bowers Electricals, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
  • "The technical expertise of the transcriptionists was immediately clear. Specialist terms and foreign words were correct, including grammatical corrections and the correct form used for proper names was even researched."

    Andreas Obermeier
    Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Munich, Germany
  • "Efficiency and accuracy are vitally important in the engineering sector. This is why SpeechLive is perfect to quickly yet flawlessly convert speech to text."

    Kate Beauchamp
    Mabey Holdings, United Kingdom

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