Lawyers at the Berlin law firm Mozgay & Mehnert can now have their documents written up using Philips SpeechLive

Telephoning, email, internet and an app for every requirement – smartphones seem to be able to do everything. In principle, they are also suitable for dictating. But they need the right app and a focus for their use. The Berlin law firm Mozgay & Mehnert has found the key as to when to use the Philips dictation app in conjunction with the new Philips SpeechLive cloud dictation solution and when the voice recorder should be the method of choice.

Easing the workload and efficiency gains

Mozgay & Mehnert have been using digital speech processing since 2011. Emerging from the analog world, the law company began using speech recognition and working with USB dictation microphones. But they were not moving forward and so they decided to introduce a mobile digital dictation system. Patrick Estrada Pox, a lawyer, and partner in the firm since 2012, recommended using the Philips brand of hardware and software based on his previous experience.

By configuring switch and operating elements in its voice recorders, Philips has placed its focus on the requirements of the professional who dictates a lot of material. The hardware with its ergonomic features and robustness is perfectly suited to an eight-hour day. “The Pocket Memo impressed us both with its robust stainless steel design, its intuitive operation and the quality of the microphone, and the long durability of its battery,” says Pox. The Philips software SpeechExec Pro also impressed the Berlin legal team.

Impressing your clients can be so simple

Around a fifth of dictations are done by the professionals at Mozgay & Mehnert whilst on the move using the Philips dictation app for lawyers. The majority of their dictation work continues to be done in the office using their Pocket Memos. This special device does not replace a mobile phone but just supplements it in special situations. Directly after a court case or an appointment with a client, Mr Pox can record a voice memo using his smartphone thereby capturing his thoughts while they are still fresh and have them sent to his client in writing immediately. This speed impresses clients and results in a faster conclusion of the brief.

The facts


Mozgay & Mehnert, Germany

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The solution

Philips SpeechLive cloud dictation solution

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Philips Pocket Memo voice recorder 8000

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With Philips’ products, the real attraction for us is the combination of voice recorder, smartphone and having a cloud-based workflow."

Patrick Estrada Pox
Lawyer & Partner

Producing the written material quickly does not depend on whether or not his transcriptionist happens to be in the office because Mozgay & Mehnert has recently become a subscriber to SpeechLive, Philips’ cloud-based workflow solution, that is integrated into the new version of SpeechExec Pro.

The solution for holiday periods or peak workloads

If necessary, the lawyers at this Berlin firm send their dictation files direct to SpeechScribe, the Philips transcription service – doubly and securely SSL encrypted, conforming to professional data security guidelines. “This gives us maximum flexibility. If our transcriptionist is unavailable or on holiday, I simply flip the switch and the file goes direct to SpeechScribe. Their work is top notch and they have speedy response times,” explains Mr Pox.

The dictated material can be converted into written text almost immediately. By the time the lawyer returns to his office, the memorandum is already available. “Speed is of the essence everywhere nowadays,” says Estrada Pox. “This is why we are increasing our competitiveness in the law market by being able to act quickly. The Philips solutions offer a clear advantage in terms of time and quality – and my children are also pleased when I come home from the office an hour earlier at the end of the day.

More satisfied customers

  • "Working with Philips SpeechLive is convenient. Plus, it is a very reliable system."

    Per Fridén
    Advokatfirman NORDIA, Scandinavia
  • "My brain doesn’t shut down, when I leave the office at five o’clock. Now, I simply dictate everything into my phone and press ‘send’ – and then it’s done!"

    Mads Poulsen
    JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER Advokater, Denmark
  • "SpeechLive transcription service couldn’t be easier to use. Because it’s a cloud-based service it offers me the flexibility to send recordings for transcription from my office, home, or while I’m traveling."

    Ashish Duvadie
    Duvadie Barrister and Solicitor, Ottawa, Canada
  • "The combination of the voice recorder, smartphone and cloud-based workflow is for us the key feature of the Philips solution."

    David Bowers
    Bowers Electricals, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
  • "The technical expertise of the transcriptionists was immediately clear. Specialist terms and foreign words were correct, including grammatical corrections and the correct form used for proper names was even researched."

    Andreas Obermeier
    Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Munich, Germany
  • "Efficiency and accuracy are vitally important in the engineering sector. This is why SpeechLive is perfect to quickly yet flawlessly convert speech to text."

    Kate Beauchamp
    Mabey Holdings, United Kingdom

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