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Facility Management

Facility Management firm streamlines work processes with Philips SpeechAir and SpeechLive

Dictating in the facility-, real estate- and asset-management industry? Viennese firm IVAM with Austrian and international customers decided to equip their offices with the newest generation of Philips dictation hard- and software: SpeechAir smart voice recorder and SpeechLive, the cloud-based dictation workflow solution. Their work processes were sustainably streamlined as a result.

IVAM, a real property maintenance and asset management firm, is responsible for the operation and maintenance of commercial properties. CEO Ingo Bischof has been using dictation devices for some time now: “The Philips dictation solutions enable us to speed up our documentation work while doing site inspections in the properties of our customers. No need to wait until I am back in the office to start the document creation process – as I can send off my audio files right away.”

Working while on the go

SpeechAir combines the advantages of a smartphone and a dictation recorder: Operating the device is intuitive due to its ergonomic slide switch, the noise reduction is excellent and via Wi-Fi function users can directly upload dictations with double encryption. Especially people working in the construction or real estate industry appreciate the SpeechAir being scratch and shock resistant due to high-end gorilla glass which makes is a durable and robust working tool.

Dictation recorder app and SpeechLive make the solution complete

“Usually I use the SpeechAir for my dictations but when I am on the way on short notice, I use the app on the smartphone. No matter which device I use, my recordings will be transferred to our SpeechLive portal which I – as well as my back office – can access at all times very easily via web browser. In this way, all data is safe and centrally stored”, Mr. Bischof admits.

SpeechLive does the typing for you

Depending on the kind of recording, Mr. Bischof decides whether to choose the speech recognition or the transcription service of SpeechLive. For urgent work instructions for his team, he benefits from the short document turnaround time of the speech recognition service. In case of more complex recordings, such as contracts, he prefers the transcription service which guarantees a very accurate transcription result. Both services are based on the pay-per-use-model which makes them very cost-efficient. “Overall my work has been significantly simplified with the Philips dictation solutions. My customers benefit from a faster response time”, Mr. Bischof closes up.

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The facts


IVAM GmbH, Austria

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The solution

SpeechAir smart voice recorder
PSP1000 series

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Philips SpeechLive Cloud Dictation

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The SpeechLive services are very cost-efficient through the pay-per-use model.

Ingo Bischof

More satisfied customers

  • "Working with Philips SpeechLive is convenient. Plus, it is a very reliable system."

    Per Fridén
    Advokatfirman NORDIA, Scandinavia
  • "My brain doesn’t shut down, when I leave the office at five o’clock. Now, I simply dictate everything into my phone and press ‘send’ – and then it’s done!"

    Mads Poulsen
    JENSEN | NEUGEBAUER Advokater, Denmark
  • "SpeechLive transcription service couldn’t be easier to use. Because it’s a cloud-based service it offers me the flexibility to send recordings for transcription from my office, home, or while I’m traveling."

    Ashish Duvadie
    Duvadie Barrister and Solicitor, Ottawa, Canada
  • "The combination of the voice recorder, smartphone and cloud-based workflow is for us the key feature of the Philips solution."

    David Bowers
    Bowers Electricals, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
  • "The technical expertise of the transcriptionists was immediately clear. Specialist terms and foreign words were correct, including grammatical corrections and the correct form used for proper names was even researched."

    Andreas Obermeier
    Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Munich, Germany
  • "Efficiency and accuracy are vitally important in the engineering sector. This is why SpeechLive is perfect to quickly yet flawlessly convert speech to text."

    Kate Beauchamp
    Mabey Holdings, United Kingdom

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