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Reduced liability risks and sped up processes

Did you know that using Philips dictation solutions can reduce liability risks and speed up processes for people working in consultancy professions? This reference case shows you, how.

Investment and retirement provision planning often require a substantial amount of consulting support. Hannes Schäffer is an expert in these fields. He works as an insurance and investment adviser at the insurance and investment consultancy Schäffer & Wiesinger in Vienna, Austria. In his function he supports his clients in finding the ideal way to invest their capital.

As an insurance expert Hannes Schäffer has several consultation meetings per day. By having one meeting after another there is almost no time for taking notes or memos in-between. That is why he appreciates the possibility to record meeting abstracts or notes while he is out and about with the support of Philips dictation solutions: “I use SpeechLive to record meeting minutes while I am on the go, when I have no possibility to write or type. I don’t need to remember them and I can be sure that they are securely saved”, Mr Schäffer explains. He uses the Philips dictation recorder app on his smartphone as well as the smart voice recorder SpeechAir in combination with SpeechLive, the cloud-based dictation solution by Philips. Especially the optional services of SpeechLive speed up document creation processes for Mr Schäffer. He adds: “I use the SpeechLive speech recognition service when I need written transcripts of memos immediately, for example. If the text is rather complex, I opt for the transcription service, as it delivers extremely accurate written results. The services are really cost-efficient as I only pay for them if I really make use of them.”

The increase in efficiency is not the only significant advantage of using Philips dictation solutions for people with a similar profession to Mr Schäffer. Recording consultation meetings and pre-operation discussions also has advantages such as:

1.) Recording a consultation meeting in the form of an audio file reduces the liability risk that people in consulting may face (for example in the case of insurance brokers, financial advisors or doctors). Even after a long time, the precise content of a meeting can be traced back, which makes gives the audio file the power to proof what information has been given. It can therefore be used as evidence in the case of a suit by a dissatisfied client or patient.

2.) Professionals may increase their clients’ trust by recording their meetings with them and making the audio files or transcripts available to them, showing them there is nothing to hide. Both parties have the possibility to check upon the detailed content of the conversation after a long period of time. This strengthens the relationship to the client or patient. Philips dictation solutions such as SpeechLive use highest security standards including end-to-end-encryption in real time.

A major precondition is the mutual understanding of the fact that the particular meeting will be recorded. This can easily be done by asking for the client’s permission.

“I appreciate Philips dictation solutions a lot as they are very efficient. Moreover, it is of major importance to me that the sensible data of my clients are processed in a confidential way and that nothing can happen to them. This is why I trust in Philips”, Hannes Schäffer adds in conclusion.

To get some audio-visual impressions of this reference case, watch the short video clip here.

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I use SpeechLive to record meeting minutes while I am on the go, when I have no possibility to write or type. I don’t need to remember them and I can be sure that they are securely saved.

Hannes Schäffer

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