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The SpeechLive online help provides you with the necessary information for the configuration and operation of the SpeechLive service.

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About Philips SpeechLive

SpeechLive has been developed for the professional dictation and transcription users and comes as a complete dictation and transcription solution.

It provides all the advantages of mobile and desktop dictation combined with sophisticated dictation workflow capabilities.

The product is highly modular and can thus fulfill the business requirements from small offices to large companies and is suitable for any volume of document creation.

SpeechLive can be used together with various Philips dictation and transcription hardware devices such as the SpeechMike dictation microphone, the Pocket Memo voice recorder, the SpeechOne wireless dictation headset, the Foot Control as well as with the SpeechLive Mobile App for mobile use.

It provides a modern and easy to use web interface, and can also be connected with the Philips SpeechExec dictation workflow software.

SpeechLive provides options to send dictations to the SpeechLive transcription service or Speech recognition and it can interface with more than 1000 web applications via the Zapier interface.

Symbols used



This symbol identifies information that helps you to use Philips SpeechLive in an easier and more efficient manner.


This symbol indicates important notes to keep in mind when using Philips SpeechLive.


This symbol warns of damage to the device and possible data loss. Damage can be caused by improper handling.