Dictation can improve a law student's career

In 2020, according to the American Bar Association, there were 34,420 Law School Graduates, and 8.3% of them were unemployed. Every Law Student wants to up their game when it comes to applying for Law Firms.

Dictation can improve a law student's career
Dictation can improve a law student's career

After all, there are just so many Law Students, and you want to be that one bit more special than your classmates. Have you considered making yourself “office-ready” in your application? Here is why we think you should start practicing dictation to improve your chances with your next job application.

As of March 2020, Bloomberg reported that 84% of law firms believe that it has increased efficiency in their organization after using legal technology. Just think about that. Many law firms are moving towards a tech-focused work environment. While you may be using your laptop to type, are you using all the technological tools needed to be just as good as a lawyer working right now? In that same survey, 64% of attorneys believe it has improved their workflow. Not only are firms moving towards technology, but they are also happy with this step—just the more reason to choose a Speech to Text workflow solution like SpeechLive.

Another reason Law Students should get their hands early on SpeechLive is that it helps fill the highly sought out skills needed, especially when it comes to attention to detail. SpeechLive is easy to learn and extremely intuitive. If you’re unsure on how to dictate, we go step by step in this article.

Work It Daily states that Lawyers are expected to have excellent attention to detail when working with colleagues and clients. They should pick up on small things in both written documents and when people are verbally communicating. Allowing a small error to slip through can change the meaning of a contract, causing many problems. With SpeechLive, our software can transcribe up to 95% accuracy. Imagine talking out your essay, thesis, or mock deposition, and all you have to do is edit bits and pieces, and you’ll be done half the time needed compared to typing.

SpeechLive is a fantastic tool in getting used dictation software used in many law firms and legal departments. Philips has been a trusted solution provider for legal professionals. Another way to use dictation is to reduce time spent on classwork so you can focus on what you do best or what you like to do outside of school.

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