What are the benefits for your business?

Boost your profitability

Boost your firm’s profitability by enriching your offerings with more valuable features, while elevating the user experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Enhance your efficiency

By integrating SpeechLive features into your own tech-stack system, you can streamline workflows by automation of tasks that would typically require manual efforts.

Tap into our expertise

Benefit from our extensive experience and specialized know-how in the dictation and speech recognition business. Leverage our strengths to enhance your offerings.

With powerful APIs, integrating SpeechLive is easy


We provide an interface to our SpeechLive system to give integrators and vendors the possibility to offer SpeechLive as part of their solution. Partners and larger customers with their own IT departments and in-house developers can extend SpeechLive to meet their specific needs with less dependency on the SpeechLive roadmap.

Seamless integration

Whether you're in healthcare, legal or any other industry, our APIs are designed for seamless integration, making SpeechLive a perfect fit for any ecosystem.

Customization and scalability

Tailor Philips SpeechLive features to meet your specific needs. Benefit from the ability to customize workflows, adapt features, and scale functionality according to your own company´s requirements.

Cost-effective solution

Integrating SpeechLive via its API proves more economical than creating similar required features in-house. It eliminates the need for extensive development work, as well as the ongoing costs of maintenance and support.

Explore the technical details

How can you start to benefit from our API? 

How it works

  1. 1

    Talk to our experts

    Speak to our commercial experts to find out how your business can benefit from integrating SpeechLive features into your own solution.

  2. 2


    Follow our technical documentation and clearly laid out instructions for implementing our APIs. If you come across any problems, our technical team is here to guide you through.

  3. 3

    Reap the benefits

    Once integrated, you can take advantage of the benefits of having SpeechLive features as part of your own solution and maximize your earning potential by extending your offering.

 Hear from our partners

"This integration empowers legal professionals to access, share, and utilize client documents and business assets more efficiently. Connecting our two solutions allows users to optimize the benefits of both platforms."

Dean Leung

EVP of Digital Enablement and Communities, iManage