User roles


SpeechLive includes several user roles.



Account administrator

The account administrator manages the account data as well as the workflow. If the account was purchased via credit card (self-service customer) the account administrator can also view and download invoices, change payment data, add or remove user licenses and purchase transcription service credits or speech recognition packages.

In the workflow area the account administrator can add and remove users, change workflow relationships, view account activities, change speech recognition language settings, define archive settings, search for dictations and download backups.

Workflow user

Workflow users participate in the dictation workflow and can be defined as authors or transcriptionists.


An author creates dictations in the workflow. The dictations can be created in multiple sources like a Pocket Memo, the SpeechLive Mobile App, SpeechExec Pro dictate, or the SpeechLive web recorder.


For transcriptionists transfers the recorder dictations into text. The transcription can be done via the SpeechLive web player or in SpeechExec ProTranscribe which is connected to SpeechLive.

Office manager

An office manager is a workflow user who has advanced access rights.In addition to the SpeechLive dictation management access,  office managers can also access the workflow tab where they can add and remove workflow users, define workflow relationships and they can search for dictations and download backups of the SpeechLive system.


The deputy is not an official role, but it is used to receive notification emails from the SpeechLive system in addition to the account administrator. Deputies cannot access the SpeechLive system if they have not been defined as workflow users or office managers.