Getting started

In SpeechLive, users can perform different actions depending on their user role. The following sections cover some typical actions users can perform.


The account administrator manages the SpeechLive account information, adds or removes workflow users, and sets up workflow relationships between users. The administrator also has access to some developer options like API tokens, webhooks or Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Depending on the Type of purchase, the account administrator may also have access to the SpeechLive online shop.

Here are some typical actions account administrators can perform in SpeechLive:

Office managers

The office manager role can be additionally assigned to an author or typist if they need advanced access rights. Office managers can view all dictations of the account, but also access the administration section, where they can add and remove workflow users, define workflow relationships or teams and access backups.

Here are some typical actions office managers can perform in SpeechLive:

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos