Bulk user import

You can add and invite new users individually (see Add new workflow users), or bulk import a larger list of users by downloading a .CSV sample file and filling it out with all the necessary details.

  1. Navigate to the Administration tab.

  2. Click on the bulk import button bulk-import-upload_button.png in the upper right of the screen.

  3. Click on Download template to download the bulk-users-import-template.csv file.

  4. Open the template file in an text editor of your choice. The file contains different values separated by comas:

    • Email: Enter an valid email address as the first value.

    • Name: Enter a name for the user.

    • User role: Enter 1 to add the users as author, or 2 to add the user as typist.

    • Office manager: Set to TRUE to add the users as Office manager or FALSE.

    • SpeechExec Pro subscription: Set to TRUE to activate a SpeechExec License for this user or FALSE.

    • Speech recognition package: Set to TRUE to activate SpeechLive speech recognition for this user or FALSE.

    • Email notifications: Enter 0 to deactivate email notifications for transcribed dictations, 1 to activate email notifications or 2 to activate email notifications and include the transcript in the email notifications.

    • Periodical emails: This setting is only used if you add a typist. Set to TRUE to activate the email notification on incoming dictations option for the typist, or FALSE.

    • Email sending (Mobile App): This setting is only used if you add an author. Set to TRUE to activate the email sending option in the mobile app, or FALSE.

  5. After you filled out the sample file, upload it in the bulk user import window and confirm by clicking Import users.

    X You will see a table with all users read out of the uploaded .CSV file. You will also see in the table if users where not imported and why.

    X All users added via bulk user import are automatically Invited, they will receive an email to activate their workflow user and set a password.