In this section of SpeechLive users can create backups, download activity logs or the dictation history as well as search for specific dictations in the system.


With the backup function, administrators can download all files of their SpeechLive account that are currently in the system. The backup file contains the complete folder structure and all dictations that were available at the backup creation time.

Latest backup

Here users can download the lasts backup after it was successfully created.

Download activities for the last days

Here users can download a .CSV file containing very detailed information of all account activities. This enables administrators to track the actions performed by the workflow users, e.g. the deletion of dictations.

Dictation history

Here admins can download a .CSV file containing information about the created and transcribed dictations of their SpeechLive account.

Search dictations

Admins can search and download here specific dictations or previous versions of dictations.