Status icons

The mobile app uses different icons to display the workflow status of your dictations (pending, in progress etc.) as well as the synchronization status of the dictations with the server. Here you can find a list of the different icons and what they mean.


This is an example of the mobile app dictation list and some of the icons you may encounter.

Workflow status


The dictation is currently suspended, e.g. Recording suspended, Transcription suspended etc.


The dictation is currently in progress, e.g. Recording in progress, Transcription in progress etc.


The dictation is currently pending, e.g. Transcription pending, Correction pending etc.


The dictation is finished, e.g Transcription finished

See Phases and states for more information of the different phases and states of a dictation.

Status icons


The dictation is currently uploaded to the server


The dictation is queued to be uploaded to the server


The app was unable to upload the dictation to the server

First, make sure that you are connected to the Internet and that the server / SpeechLive is online. Now, please open the dictation manually and choose the desired sending option again (e.g. Send to typist), otherwise this dictation will not be uploaded to the server


A transcript was attached to the dictation, either by speech recognition or from a typist


A photo or video was attached to this dictation (see Add pictures or videos to your dictation for more information).


The dictation priority was set to High (see Change dictation properties for more information)


The dictation priority was set to Critical (see Change dictation properties for more information)