SpeechLive Desktop App



  1. download_icon.svgDownload the SpeechLive Desktop App on your computer.

    The SpeechLive Desktop App is only available for Windows 10 (64-bit).

  2. Start the downloaded installation file and follow the installation process.

  3. Start the SpeechLive Desktop App from the Windows start menu.

  4. Enter your SpeechLive credentials to sign in.

    • The SpeechLive Desktop App is only available for SpeechLive author accounts.

    • Use the Stay signed in option so you don't have to re-enter your credentials later.



  1. Change the Settings of the SpeechLive Desktop App.

  2. Press the speech recognition button sl-desktop-app_record-button.png to start the speech to text process. Fore more information, see Use the SpeechLive Desktop App.

  3. Here you can access the User settings.

  4. Click to minimize the application.

  5. Click to close the SpeechLive Desktop App.

  6. Displays the recognized words. However, this shows you only the status of the current recognition process. The results are further improved before you see the final text in your document / text field.



Click on the settings button to change the settings of the SpeechLive Desktop App:

Microphone: Change the microphone you're using for the application.

Voice recognition language: Change the language recognized by the application.

Voice commands: View a list of all available voice commands. The SpeechLive Desktop App uses the same voice commands as SpeechLive.

Always on top: Keep the app always on top, even when you switch to other applications.

Log level: Change the log level of the app, this setting is only relevant in support cases.

About: View more information about the SpeechLive Desktop App.


The SpeechLive Desktop App is updated automatically.

User settings


Access the user settings by clicking on the user icon. On top you see all the available information about the currently logged in user.

App language: Change the language of the user interface.

Sign out: Click to sign out of the application.

Use the SpeechLive Desktop App

The SpeechLive Desktop App converts your voice to text in real-time: Use a microphone, place the cursor in any text field or document and start dictating.

  • Make sure you have a microphone plugged in to your computer or a built in microphone available.

  • Keep your microphone close to your mouth to ensure a better recognition quality or use devices like a SpeechMike or SpeechOne (see Use your dictation hardware).

  1. Click on the speech recognition button sl-desktop-app_record-button.png to start the speech recognition.

    • You can also use the + key on the numeric keypad section of your keyboard to start the speech recognition.

    • You can also use your Philips dictation hardware to start the speech recognition, e.g. the record key of your SpeechMike.

  2. Click on the desired text field or document where you need the text.

  3. Start dictating.

    X Your voice will be recognized, converted to text and automatically pasted into the text field or document.

    • Make sure to place the cursor in the desired text field or document.

    • During an active speech recognition, the main window shows the status of the voice recognition in the status field next to the speech recognition button. The speech recognition button additionally shows you a different symbol recognition-in-progress.png to inform you about an active speech recognition.

    • The text will be pasted into the desired text field or document. Neither audio or the text is saved to SpeechLive.

  4. To stop the speech recognition, click on the speech recognition button sl-desktop-app_record-button.png.


    After stopping the speech recognition, the SpeechLive Desktop App might need some time to process your last words. This is indicated by a different symbol loading.gif on the speech recognition button. Do not click on a different window or move the cursor during this process, to not lose the progress of your last recognition.

Use your dictation hardware

You can use your dictation hardware to control the SpeechLive Desktop App.


Make sure to use your devices (SpeechMike, SpeechOne) in Event Mode. This is the default out-of-the-box button mode, however if you changed the button mode of your device you can find more information in the Switch to Event mode section on how to switch it back.


Press the Record button SpeechOne_record_icon.png of your SpeechMike to start or stop the speech recognition.


Press the scroll wheel Headset button of your SpeechOne headset, or the Record button SpeechOne_record_icon.png of the docking station or the SpeechOne remote control to start or stop the speech recognition.