Use the SpeechLive Desktop App

The SpeechLive Desktop App converts your voice to text in real-time: Use a microphone, place the cursor in any text field or document and start dictating.

  • Make sure you have a microphone plugged in to your computer or a built in microphone available.

  • Keep your microphone close to your mouth to ensure a better recognition quality or use devices like a SpeechMike or SpeechOne (see Use your dictation hardware).

  • Speech recognition is not available for typists.

  • Speech recognition is not available if Dragon speech recognition is activated for your user, please use the DragonBar instead (see Install and use the DragonBar). However, you can still use the upload functionality of the app (see Upload dictations to SpeechLive).

  1. Click on the speech recognition button sl-desktop-app_record-button.png to start the speech recognition.

    • You can also use the + key on the numeric keypad section of your keyboard to start the speech recognition. This keyboard shortcut can also be customized in the Settings of the app.

    • You can also use your Philips dictation hardware to start the speech recognition, e.g. the record key of your SpeechMike.


    On Mac you will receive an accessibility access question the first time you use the app. Please allow access so you can use the app.

  2. Click on the desired text field or document where you need the text.

  3. Start dictating.

    X Your voice will be recognized, converted to text and automatically pasted into the text field or document.

    • Make sure to place the cursor in the desired text field or document.

    • During an active speech recognition, the main window shows the status of the voice recognition in the status field next to the speech recognition button. The speech recognition button additionally shows you a different symbol recognition-in-progress.png to inform you about an active speech recognition.

    • The text will be pasted into the desired text field or document. Neither audio or the text is saved to SpeechLive.

  4. To stop the speech recognition, click on the speech recognition button sl-desktop-app_record-button.png.


    After stopping the speech recognition, the SpeechLive Desktop App might need some time to process your last words. This is indicated by a different symbol loading.gif on the speech recognition button. Do not click on a different window or move the cursor during this process, to not lose the progress of your last recognition.