Send dictations to transcription service

  1. Choose a dictation in the dictation list or create a new dictation.

  2. After you finished your dictation, tap on the speechlive_app_icon-finish.png button in the lower right corner.

  3. Choose Send to transcription servicespeechlive_app_send-to-transcription-service.png.

    • This option is only available if the transcription service is activated for your account. Please contact your account administrator if this option is missing.

    • Send to transcription service is not available if you're signed in via SpeechExec Enterprise.

  4. The dictation will be closed and moved to the Sentspeechlive_app_icon-dictation-sent-tab.png tab of the app.

  5. As soon as the transcript is ready, the dictation is moved to the Finishedspeechlive_app_icon-dictation-finished-tab.png tab of the app. This is also indicated by an counter speechlive_app_icon-dictation-finished-tab-counter.png displayed at the Finished tab.

  6. To review the transcript, open the dictation and tap on the Info icon speechlive_app_info-grey.png in the lower right corner.

    Scroll to the bottom of the dictation properties to the Attachments section and tap on the .rtf file to open it.