Create a webhook

Webhooks enable other applications to be notified when certain events occur in SpeechLive. This could be e.g. when a new dictation is created, deleted, the state is changed and many more.

  1. Navigate to the Administration tab, click on More... and choose Developers.

  2. Scroll down to the Webhooks section and click on Add new webhook.

  3. Enter a name for the webhook and enter the URL of your application. Make sure to enter the correct URL, otherwise the webhook integration will not work.

  4. In the list below you can choose the event type that triggers the webhook. e.g. if you choose Dictation created, the webhook will only be triggered when a new dictation is created in SpeechLive.

  5. Click Create to finish setting up your webhook.

  6. You can set up multiple webhooks. Scroll down to the Webhook history to see a list of all triggered webhooks and access more details about them. Click Re-trigger if you want to re-trigger a specific webhook from the history.

Please visit our webhooks documentation page for more technical details on how you can integrate webhooks to your application:

  • This function is only available for SpeechLive Enterprise.