Preset dictation properties

In the general settings of SpeechLive you can preset the dictation properties for all workflow users. This ensures that dictation properties are filled out consistently with the same content across multiple users.

  • This setting is active on a global level, it is also used for the Mobile App.

  • Users can no longer enter their own values for the properties you predefined. In this case, only the drop-down menu with the values you entered will be available to the users. This means that if you predefine certain values for e.g. department, only those values will be available for users to select. However, other dictation properties that are not predefined will still be available for users to enter.

  1. Navigate to the Administration tab, click on More... and choose General.

  2. Scroll down to the Dictation properties settings section.

  3. Click on Add property and select the dictation property you want to preset for your users.

  4. Enter a value in the text field and press enter to add it, then enter the next value (if necessary) and again confirm by pressing enter.


    You can also rearange the values, this influences how the values are later displayed in the list for the uers. Cick on the X icon to delete a value.