With SpeechExec Pro Dictate and SpeechExec Pro Transcribe you are able to access your SpeechLive dictations.

If authors are using a Pocket Memo, they can seamlessly upload their dictations to SpeechLive with SpeechExec Pro Dictate.

In SpeechExec Pro Dictate authors can also create dictations with the SpeechExec recorder or SpeechExec speech recognition recorder and send them off via SpeechLive to their personal assistant.

Connecting SpeechExec with SpeechLive

To connect SpeechExec with an existing SpeechLive user account proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the Start SpeechLive button.

  2. Click on Login for existing users.

  3. Enter your Email address (User name) and Password for your workflow user and click Next.

  4. SpeechExec will now check the availability of your workflow user.


    Your workflow user account must have been activated by you before.If not, please ask your account administrator to send you an Invitation email.

  5. If the SpeechLive transcription services and/or speech recognition service are activated please specify whether you would like to use the service with SpeechExec.


    For the SpeechLive speech recognition service it is possible to define a preferred language that will be displayed on top of the language selection list when sending off dictations to the SpeechLive speech recognition service.

  6. Click on Finish to finalize the SpeechLive configuration wizard.

  7. SpeechExec will then display the default setting for the SpeechLive folders.

  8. Click OK to close the dialog.

You are now ready to use SpeechLive with SpeechExec. More information on the SpeechExec configuration options for SpeechLive can be found in the SpeechExec online help.

Using a SpeechExec Pro subscription

The SpeechExec Pro subscription enables SpeechExec users to use SpeechExec as desktop client for SpeechLive. The SpeechExec Pro subscription can be purchased for dealer-activated customers in the SpeechLive account area.

  • To utilize a SpeechExec Pro subscription you need to install the corresponding SpeechExec Pro 11 software and your SpeechLive administrator must enable the SpeechExec Pro subscription option for your user (see Users).

You can download SpeechExec 11 or later from speechexec.com/install For the Product key enter:

  • 'PDCO-112' for SpeechExec Pro Dictate for authors

  • 'PTCO-112' for SpeechExec Pro Transcribe for typists


Selecting the SpeechExec Pro subscription

To use the SpeechExec Pro subscription follow the steps below:

  1. Select 'SpeechExec Pro subscription' in the SpeechExec welcome screen.


    If you are already using SpeechExec 11 with a license key you can switch to the SpeechExec Pro subscription by visiting Help menu > License information and clicking on Change license type. At the next startup SpeechExec will display the Welcome screen where you can change the license type.

  2. Log in with your SpeechLive credentials (email address and password).

Use SpeechLive with SpeechExec

  1. Install the SpeechExec software on your computer (learn more about SpeechExec here).

  2. Connect SpeechExec with your SpeechLive account. All necessary steps are covered in the Connecting SpeechExec with SpeechLive section. You can also check the current status in the SpeechLive settings of SpeechExec, the Use SpeechLive checkbox must be activated.

  3. Dictations created in SpeechExec or SpeechLive will now be available in both applications.

  4. SpeechExec offers different options to process your dictations. Right click on your dictation in SpeechExec and choose one of the following options:

    • Send to SpeechLive transcription service

      Send your dictations to an external (human) typist.

    • Send to SpeechLive speech recognition

      Send your dictations to the automated (machine) transcription service.

  5. You can also send your dictation to a typist (e.g. in-house):

    1. Make sure the typist has a SpeechLive account and is linked to your SpeechLive author account.

    2. The typist can either use:

      • SpeechExec Transcribe: Repeat the login process outlined above and make sure to log in with the SpeechLive account of the typist in SpeechExec Transcribe.

      • SpeechLive: Once SpeechExec is connected to SpeechLive, dictations are synced between both applications.

        However, to playback dictations recorded in SpeechExec in SpeechLive, you have to choose the correct recording format.

        Navigate in SpeechExec to the General Settings and choose Recording in the Recorder/Player section of the settings.


        Click on Configure... select WAV as File type, PCM as Format and Attributes based on the quality you need. SpeechLive also supports the playback of unencrypted DS2 files.

    3. The typist now automatically receives all new dictations you created in SpeechExec.