Upload dictations

  1. Navigate to the Dictations tab and click on the arrow in the corner of the new_dictation_icon_button.pngNew dictation button.

    You can use the arrow in the corner of the button to switch between new_dictation_icon_button.pngNew dictation, new_speech_recognition_icon_button.pngSpeech recognition or upload-dictation_button.pngUpload.

  2. Choose upload-dictation_button.pngUpload.

  3. Add the files in the upload field. You can either drag them there, or click the field to select them from your computer.

  4. Click Upload to upload the files you selected / added.

    • You will see a list of all the files you added.

    • Files that could not be uploaded will be marked. You can retry to upload them or remove them.

    • Files that could not be uploaded will not be processed when you proceed with Confirm.

  5. Click Confirm to add the files you uploaded to your dictation list.


You can also use the SpeechLive Desktop App to automatically upload dictations directly from your computer or dictation device. See SpeechLive Desktop App for more information.