Known issues

Here we provide a list of known issues when using the new Web App.

You can always visit What's new to check if issues you may encountered in the past have already been fixed.

Hardware support

With the new Web App we changed the way you can use your dictation hardware with SpeechLive. In the old SpeechLive Web App it was e.g. possible to just plug in a foot control and use it. However, this had some major downsides:

  • If the browser window was not in focus the pedals sometimes didn't work

  • It was not possible to e.g. run the browser with SpeechLive in the background and type in a word processor, especially if the browser was minimized

  • No support for virtual environments (Citrix etc.), so e.g. users working from home could run into problems

To solve all the problems mentioned above we developed Philips Device Connector (PDC) for SpeechLive. With PDC, hardware always works, even when the browser window is not in focus, or when you work in virtual environments. Additionally we also added support for Google Chrome. Here users only need to click a button to add the device.

Visit the Set up your dictation hardware section for more information on the different methods you can set up your hardware with SpeechLive.