Configure default app settings

Administrators can pre-configure some of the settings of the app via the global.config.json file. This only pre-configures the settings; users are still able to modify the settings if they need to.

To pre-configure the app settings:

  1. Download and install the app for the user.

    Download SpeechLive Desktop App (Windows).

  2. Download the global.config.jsonfile here (if the link opens in a new tab, you need to right-click and choose Save as in your browser to download the file).

  3. Go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Philips Speechlive\ and add the global.config.json file. The "<username"> of the path must be replaced with the user name of the local user.

  4. Now the user can start the app and the pre-configured settings from the global.config.json file are used.

    • The values you set in the global.config.json file are only used if they are set before the user starts the app for the first time.

    • If the user changes settings later, the values of the global.config.json file will be ignored. Instead, the user's settings are taken.

    • Settings of already existing installations are not changed when adding/configuring the global.config.json file, the same is true when the app is updated with a newer version.