Install and use the DragonBar

After acquiring Dragon speech recognition (see Purchase speech recognition) and Dragon was activated for your user (see Activate speech recognition for users) you will receive your account information via email to sign in to the DragonBar.

Install the DragonBar


The DragonBar is only available for Windows.

  1. Click on the download link in the email you received with your access data or choose one of the download links below.


    You can only use the matching DragonBar file for your region. If you e.g. purchased Dragon speech recognition in the US, you will need to download the appropriate US version of the DragonBar.

  2. Unzip the downloaded file. We recommend unzipping it to your programs folder.

  3. Open the unzipped folder and open the Standalone folder. Here you can find the SoD file dragonbar_sod-icon.png, depending on your system settings it may be called SoD.exedragonbar_sod-icon.png. Double click it to start the DragonBar.


    We recommend creating a shortcut to this file and placing it e.g. on your desktop. This will save you some time in the future to access the DragonBar more quickly.

  4. Enter the credentials you received via email and sign in.

  5. When you sign in for the first time, you will need to change your password. The new password must meet the following requirements:

    • Cannot contain the username or any part of the name that exceeds 2 consecutive characters.

    • Must be a minimum of six characters in length

    • Contain characters from three of the following categories:

      • Uppercase characters (A - Z)

      • Lowercase characters (a - z)

      • Numbers (0 - 9)

      • Non-alphabetic characters (for example ! $ # %)

Add custom vocabulary in the DragonBar

You can add your own custom vocabulary in the DragonBar. This ensures that specific words or names are recognized correctly when you dictate something.


Custom vocabulary added in the DragonBar is also used when you send dictations to Dragon speech recognition in SpeechLive. See Send dictations to Dragon speech recognition for more information.

  1. Click on the settings button dragonbar_menu-icon.png and choose Manage Vocabulary...

  2. Click on the plus icon dragonbar_add-words-icon.png at the top.

  3. Enter the word you want to add in the textfield at the top.

    • Click Use Default Pronunciation if you want to add the word without pronouncing it yourself.

    • Click the microphon icon dragonbar_mic-icon.png if you want to add your own pronunciation, after the traninig you can click Confirm to save the word.

    X Whenever you dictate the word you added, the DragonBar will use the spelling you provided.