Create an API token

With the API you can develop integrations with other systems, automate tasks and many more features.

  1. Navigate to the Administration tab, click on More... and choose Developers.

  2. Scroll down to the API Tokens section, open it and click on Add new token.

  3. Enter a name for the token. We also recommend to add some restrictions to the token. It can be restricted to user roles and/or impersonate a specific user.

  4. Click Create to finish setting up your API token.

  5. You can later access all your tokens in the API Token section, update them, or even delete a token if you no longer need it.

Please visit our API documentation page for more technical details on how you can integrate the API to your application:

  • This function is only available for SpeechLive Enterprise.

  • Activities executed via the API are displayed in the activities as ApiGateway.


The API Token is only meant to be shared with trusted parties as it has access rights to the workflow administration and dictation management of your SpeechLive subscription (depending on what you select when you create the API token).