Personal settings

Click on your username in the upper right corner where you can access the personal settings. Here you can access some general information about your account and change some settings:


View some basic information about your user account.


Change the language of the user interface.


Preferred typist or team

Choose which typist or team should automatically receive your dictations when you send a dictation to a typist/team. Once set up you will no longer be asked when you send a dictation to a typist/team.

Alternative typist or team

Set an alternative typist/team, you will always be asked to choose between your preferred or alternative when you send a dictation to a team/typist.

  • The typist/team setting will be used for the Mobile App as well as the Desktop App.

  • Alternative typist or team is only available for SpeechLive Enterprise.

  • The account administrator can preset the preferred or alternative typist/team for you, in this case you are not able to edit this setting.


In this section you can modify some workflow settings.

Archive immediately

When this option is enabled, all dictations in the "Transcription Finished" state are automatically archived. This also overwrites the archive settings set by your account administrator, see Auto archive settings for more information.

However, your account administrator can also activate immediate auto archiving for all workflow users. In this case, this setting will take precedence and all finished dictations will be automatically archived.


Access various additional information about SpeechLive.