Set up event rules

You can set up rules in SpeechLive to automatically reroute dictations based on various conditions, e.g. dictations with a certain priority or specific dictation properties.

  • After an event rule is created, its automatically triggered as soon as a dictation is send to a typist/team in the Web App or Mobile App, or if dictations are uploaded via the Web App or Desktop App (if you select Transcription pending for the rule).

  • Event rules do not retroactively affect older dictations. Only dictations added to the system after the rule is active are affected.

  • Rules are executed in the order of the list from top to bottom. The first rule in the list affecting a dictation is executed, other rules further down the list also affecting the same dictation will not be executed.

    For example, you create “rule 1”, reassigning all dictations with the priority “Critical” to Typist 1, and “Rule 2” which reassigns dictation with the priority “Critical” and department “Finance” to Typist 2. If a dictation with the priority “Critical” and department “Finance” is added to SpeechLive, it will be assigned to Typist 1, because the dictation meets the criteria of rule 1 and rule 2, but rule 1 is further up in the list and therefore executed.

    We recommend putting more general rules, covering a wide range of dictations more at the bottom of the list and always be aware how different rules influence each other.

  • If you create a rule with users not yet connected (e.g. the author is not part of a team), then those users will be automatically connected. You can change these connections later if necessary, see Set up user relationships for more information.

  • You can create conditions within the rules based on various dictation properties. To fully utilize this feature, you can also preset various dictation properties, ensuring that your users always enter the matching values for the rule. See Preset dictation properties for more information.

To create a new rule:

  1. Navigate to the Administration tab, click on More... and choose Event rules.

  2. Click on New event rule.

  3. On the right you can now set up the details for the rule.


    You must enter a name for the rule, otherwise you can't create the rule.

  4. Next you should choose the steps for the rule. First choose which dictation state should activate the rule.

  5. You can add additional conditions by clicking Add condition. Here you can e.g. choose dictation priority or various dictation properties.

  6. Scroll further down to the Action section. Here you choose to which typist or team the dictations meeting the criteria you just defined will be assigned to.

  7. Click Create to create the rule.


You have some dictations in your organization that are very important, they need to be processed as quickly as possible. For those you have a group of typists that are readily available to work on those dictations. In this case you can set up the following rule:

  1. Precondition, create a team first:

  2. Navigate to the Administration tab, click on More... and choose Event rules.

  3. Click on New event rule.

  4. Enter a title for the rule, e.g. "Reassign critical dictations".


    You must enter a name for the rule, otherwise you can't create the rule.

  5. In the Rule steps section you can select which dictation state should trigger this rule. For event rules you can currently only choose Transcription pending.

  6. Click on Add condition to add additional conditions that trigger this rule. For this example you choose Priority, Equals and choose Critical.

    You can also make this more granular and add an additional condition. For example CategoryEquals "Important". See Preset dictation properties if you want to ensure that your users can only choose the dictation properties you preset, therefore ensuring the rule works correctly.

  7. Scroll further down to the Action section and choose a team that should automatically receive the dictations meeting the criteria's you just defined. For this example choose the team you created before.

  8. Click Create to create the rule.

With the rule you just created, all dictations assigned to a typist/team or uploaded via the Web App or the Desktop App, with the dictation priority Critical and the Category "Important" are automatically reassigned to the "Critical dictations" team.