Transcribe dictations

  1. Navigate to the Dictations tab and choose a dictation in the list. The dictation opens on the right side of the screen.

  2. Click play-icon.png to start play back and pause-icon-black.png to pause the play back of the dictation.

    • You can now transcribe the dictation in the word processing software of your choice and save it in one of the supported file formats (e.g.: .doc, docx, .rtf, .txt etc.).

    • Click playback-speed.png to change the playback speed or volume-icon.png to change the volume.

    • Click winding-speed.png to adjust the winding speed, this effects how many seconds you jump back/forward with fast rewind/fast forward or a connected foot control.

  3. Click Save as draft if you want to suspend the current transcription progress and continue later.

  4. Add your transcript in the Finish transcription section.


    You can only add one transcript, uploading another file will overwrite the previous one.

  5. After you’re finished transcribing, click Send to and choose Finished.