Create a new dictation

  1. Navigate to the Dictations tab and click on the new_dictation_icon_button.pngNew dictation button.

    You can use the arrow in the corner of the button to switch between new_dictation_icon_button.pngNew dictation, new_speech_recognition_icon_button.pngSpeech recognition or upload-dictation_button.pngUpload.

  2. Click on rec-icon.png to start recording.

  3. Please allow access to the microphone of your device to continue.

  4. During the session, you can pause by clicking pause-icon.png.

  5. After you're finished, you can either choose:

    • Save as draft: Save your current dictation and continue working on it later.

    • Send to: Choose between different methods to further process your dictation:

      • Typist: Send the dictation to your in-house typist or team.

      • Speech recognition: Send the dictation to speech recognition, in this case the dictation will be transcribed via automated speech recognition.

      • Transcription service: Send the dictation to an external transcription agency that transcribes the dictation for you.


      Some options may not be available for you, depending on the activated services for your account.