1. Access and change the Settings of the SpeechLive Desktop App.

  2. Press the speech recognition button sl-desktop-app_record-button.png to start the speech recognition. Fore more information, see Use the SpeechLive Desktop App.


    This function is only available for authors.

  3. Status field: Displays the recognized words. However, this shows you only the status of the current recognition process. The results are further improved before you see the final text in your document / text field.

    The status field also shows you the status of the current dictation upload.

  4. Click sl-desktop-app_upload-button.png to manually upload dictations to SpeechLive, see Upload dictations to SpeechLive for more information.

  5. Click to close the SpeechLive Desktop App.

  6. Click to minimize the application.

  7. Here you can access the User settings.