Use speech recognition


Real-time speech recognition is not available if you use Dragon speech recognition. Please use the DragonBar instead. See Install and use the DragonBar for more information.

  1. Navigate to the Dictations tab and click on the arrow in the corner of the new_dictation_icon_button.pngNew dictation button.

    You can use the arrow in the corner of the button to switch between new_dictation_icon_button.pngNew dictation, new_speech_recognition_icon_button.pngSpeech recognition or upload-dictation_button.pngUpload.

  2. Choose new_speech_recognition_icon_button.pngSpeech recognition.

  3. Click on rec-icon.png to start the speech recognition.

  4. Please allow access to the microphone of your device to continue.

  5. Start dictating.

    X Your voice will be recognized, converted to text and displayed on the screen.

    • You can use voice commands, e.g. to insert special characters or line breaks. Click on voice-commands_button.png to display all available voice commands. You can continue dictating whilst displaying the voice commands.

    • Click copy-to-clipboard.png to copy the text to the clipboard, you can then paste it to other apps.

    • You can use the arrow in the corner of the rec-icon.png button to switch between different speech recognition languages.

    • Click pause-icon.png to pause the current speech recognition.

    • When paused, you can also edit the recognized text in the Speech recognition transcript field.

  6. After you're finished:

    • Click Finish to save and close your dictation.

    • Click Send to typist to send the the dictation to a typist to check the recognized text for you.


      The Send to typist option is only available if it is activated in the Administration settings of your account.


You can use the SpeechLive Desktop App to use speech recognition in any text field of your computer. See SpeechLive Desktop App for more information.


This short animation shows you how to use speech recognition.