SpeechLive is organized in tabs, allowing you to access different functions.


Some tabs might not be available for you, depending on your user role.


In the Dictations tab, authors as well as typists can access their dictations, send them to speech recognition or the transcription service. Authors can record new dictations, typists are able to transcribe dictations.

Learn more about the dictation tab here


In the Administration tab, account administrators and office managers are able to add new users (authors or typists), create teams, link authors to typists/teams and access various developer options.

Learn more about the administration tab here


Access detailed reports about your users, e.g. the turnaround time of dictations and other useful insights to better allocate your resources.

Learn more about the reports tab here

Personal settings

In the personal settings, users can access some basic information about their account and change some settings.

Learn more about the personal settings here